The canton and city of Zug use eZug

eZug is a free online service provided by the city of Zug
It is based on the digital «ZUGLOGIN» identity. Zuglogin customers can initialize the eZug app via Zuglogin and thereby gain access to online services.

You already hold a Zuglogin user account:
  • Download the eZug app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store onto your smartphone.
  • Start the eZug app and activate it by logging into eZug with your Zuglogin customer number and password.

You do not hold a user Zuglogin account yet:
  • Apply for a user account online: Written registration
    (in letter form only for taxable residents of the canton of Zug)
  • Apply for a user account onsite: Counter registration
    (also for persons living outside the canton)

It is possible to log in to ZUGLOGIN without entering a user ID and without a password. This gives you secure access to all cantonal online services that can be called up via ZUGLOGIN. The new login procedure for “ZUGLOGIN” is kept simple. After scanning a QR code with the eZug app, you just confirm the login process in the app.

As of now, residents of the city of Zug can request and pay the following documents and services electronically via the eZug app on their mobile phone.
  • Debt enforcement excerpt
  • Residence certificate / passport interim
  • Certificate of Residence
  • Certificate of capacity to act
  • Certificate of Reputation
Address / Contact
Helpdesk (24h)
Domestic: 0848 63 63 63
International: +41 848 63 63 63