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«ZUGLOGIN» - Electronic ID Solution for the canton of Zug
The Canton of Zug and its municipalities

Benefit from the simple, fast and secure way of handling your administrative business electronically with the canton, the municipalities as well as the administrative court.

«ZUGLOGIN» offers you round-the-clock online access to administration services and data. Applications you previously had to sign may now be submitted completely electronically. If you wish, authorities will send you their documents, decisions and rulings electronically as well.

A large number of online forms are available at both cantonal and municipal levels, making administrative tasks more convenient.

The Canton of Zug and its municipalities

As far as these forms have to be signed, however, they can no longer be transmitted over the Internet, but must be printed out, signed and sent by conventional mail. With «ZUGLOGIN» this is about to change step by step.

In order to use our e-services you need a «ZUGLOGIN» user account - which is free of charge.

List of implementation

  • Holders of a Zuglogin User Account have the opportunity to receive and send secure e-mails via the «IncaMail» or «PrivaSphere» delivery platforms.
  • Online access for citizens to their own e-tax account is enabled for «account statements, payments or refunds» and for «access own tax declaration».
  • Submissions «to the administrative court» can also be filed electronically.
  • The obligation to register for accommodation of guests against payment can now take place online. The electronic «Record of arrival» is available to all hotels and private hosts in the Canton of Zug.
  • «Validator» checks electronically signed documents (by the Canton of Zug or others). If an official function is assigned to the signature of an authorised agency, it will be displayed.
  • With our «trial form» you can check out useful features of online forms, in particular «electronic signature» and «electronic submission».

The services accessible via «ZUGLOGIN» will be steadily expanded in the coming months and years.

Apply and activate a user account

All citizens and companies subject to taxes in the Canton of Zug may apply for it.

  • At click on «Written or at the counter».
  • Use the online application form to enter your social security number and date of birth or, for companies, your company identification number.
  • Print the form. Then submit the signed application to the postal address indicated on the form.
  • For the ensuing activation process, your personal customer number will be sent to you by mail. Later on, you will get the password in a registered letter.
  • Once you have entered your customer number and password on you will be guided through the activation process.

Since the issuer of SuisseID, SwissSign AG, ceased sales by Swiss Post on December 31, 2019, electronic applications is stopped.

Cantonal and non-cantonal persons can now apply for a cantonal user account at the counter . You can find information here «At the counter Registration»


Using «ZUGLOGIN» requires a computer, a notebook or tablet with Internet access, a personal e-mail address and a personal mobile phone to receive the one-time password.

All persons who have an activated «ZUGLOGIN» can transfer their digital identity (E-ID) to the eZug App (Apple or Android) and then log in to «ZUGLOGIN» without entering a user ID or password.

Owners of a SwissID can activate their SwissID in the ZUGLOGIN user account and then log in to «ZUGLOGIN» using their SwissID app (Apple or Android) or the Mobile ID.

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