User account Canton Zug

«ZUGLOGIN» (Electronic Identification Solution of Canton Zug)

«ZUGLOGIN» Ensures that a login process, accessing a specialist application or business transaction can be precisely assigned to a specific person.
The core component of «ZUGLOGIN» is the “Canton Zug User Account”, which works simular as an e-Banking account or a online shopping account.

Where can I use it?
  • The first online application you can access from your account is the tax administration with query of your account statement, payment orders etc.
  • There are numerous online forms available in Canton Zug and its municipalities, which make form completion easier.However, most forms must be signed. Until today it was not possible to send them electronically, they first had to be printed out, signed and sent by post. With «ZUGLOGIN» this will gradually change.

To use the electronic services, you first need an account on «ZUGLOGIN». Any individual or company paying tax in Canton Zug can apply for a user account. SuisseID users or people outside of the Canton can use their SuisseID to apply.

Zuglogin System Status
Adress / Contact
Helpdesk (24h)
Domestic: 0848 63 63 63
International: +41 848 63 63 63