Reseting your account

How can I reset my user account?

If you have blocked your user account due to a security incident, e.g. theft of your mobile device, you can reset your user account and have a new initial password sent to you.
To do so, use the "Request a user account" function followed by the menu item «(Natural person) Download application form» or «(Legal person, company representative) Download application form».

There are other reasons why a user account must be reset:

  • You may have forgotten the security questions and can therefore no longer change your password.
  • You lost your personal password and customer number, and you changed your e-mail address and mobile number.
In such cases you will need to contact our Helpdesk (Tel. 0848 63 63 63) before you can reset your account. Once your identity has been verified, the Helpdesk will block your account.
Later on you can use the menu item «Download application form» in order to re-establish access to your user account.

Please note: For security reasons, resetting an account deletes all information provided by the owner (e-mail address, mobile number and security questions).

The new initial password will be sent to you in a registered letter.
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