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Decision support for a secure delivery platform

Decisions and other communications are most conveniently transmitted via a certified delivery platform. In contrast to unprotected e-mail traffic, delivery via such a platform ensures the confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data. In addition, both dispatch and receipt of messages can be retraced in realtime.

Two platforms are available for secure delivery:

PrivaSphere Secure Messaging by PrivaSphere AG

IncaMail IncaMail by Swiss Post

Setting up a secure e-mail account and receiving encrypted e-mails from cantonal offices is free of charge at any time. You can also use your secure mail account to send up to 90 (PrivaSphere) respectively up to 10 (IncaMail) encrypted messages per month to any recipient - as part of the providers' free basic packages.

Additional information

If you already own an account on one of the two platforms, select it. When you log in for the first time, you can link your secure e-mail account to Zuglogin. Henceforth, Zuglogin serves as an alternative entry point to PrivaSphere or IncaMail.

If you do not own a secure e-mail account yet, you may select any of the two providers. When you first log in with Zuglogin, an account is automatically created at the selected delivery platform.

The law requires that the verified e-mail address be entered in the federal e-government subscriber directory. Additional information on this matter can be found at «eGov directory Switzerland».

Legal base (in German)

BGS 162.1 - Gesetz über den Rechtsschutz in Verwaltungssachen

BGS 162.13 - Verordnung über die elektronische Übermittlung im Verwaltungsverfahren

According to availability you may receive decisions and rulings electronically. If you opt for such procedure, a download invitation will be sent to your e-mail address if need be. A seven-day time limit for collection begins from the time of dispatch. If you do not download the decision or ruling within this period, the document is deemed to have been delivered (same as a registered letter).

You can revoke your consent to the electronic delivery of decisions and rulings at any time. A revocation is not possible for decisions and rulings for which a download invitation has already been sent to your e-mail address.

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